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Solar Pool Heating

The benefits of solar pool heaters are numerous. First off and probably the most thought of when deciding on a panel is the reduction in the amount of costs to heat and keep the pool at temperatures that are pleasurable to enjoy. Secondly, the pool will be heated in an environmentally safe way. You are now using renewable energy that is free from the sun to heat your pool. Lastly, the most enjoyable part of using panels to heat the pool is that you may have easily doubled the swim season not to mention the value of your home.



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AET offers a full line of pool panels for domestic and commercial pool heating
    applications. EagleSun pool panels use a high quality polypropylene throughout
    the entire panel, eliminating weak spots caused by expansion and contraction.
    UV stabilizers are added to ensure durability in full sun and promote long life.

    AET/EaglesSun pool panels feature:
  • 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Wind Load Rated to 159.6 mph

  • Maintenance Free

  • Environmentally Safe

  • Economical






Heliocol has manufactured the highest-quality solar pool heating system in the world.

Over 200000 Heliocol customers worldwide


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