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Grec heater

The BOSCH AquaStar tankless water heater is redefining how homeowners throughout

the D.R. heat their water.

The AquaStar provides endless hot water, saves energy and saves space.

125 Series
Our most popular models are from the 125 Series. These tankless water heaters supply one major hot water outlet at a time (Example: One shower running at a time). They are sized for most homes and small businesses and have a 12-year warranty when installed professionally

Our most powerful offering, its compact size and sealed combustion enables installation in small spaces. This unit yields enough power to supply two showers simultaneously and features an adjustable temperature control for improved comfort.

The attractive sleek design of the 250SXO model will complement any house style and color, while freeing up valuable space in your home. Now you can install yourBosch tankless water heater outside and eliminate the need for costly venting components.