Solar ABC

Thermal collectors make better use of limited roof space, gathering the equivalent of 600 watts per square meter, compared to 100 watts per square meter for PV.


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1. Absorber Plate
Copper fins ultrasonically welded to copper tubes provide maximum contact and excellent heat transfer resulting in a very highly efficient absorption rate of 95%. All copper construction means longer life and is far superior to aluminium and steel used by some other manufacturers.

2. Absorber Plate Coating
Available in black chrome or selective solar paint, these high performance solar absorption surfaces, when combined with the superior all-copper construction, results in the most highly efficient solar collector panels available. Their performance is unsurpassed, even in cooler climates or cloudy conditions.

3. Solar Glass - 3.2mm thick
The solar glass is patterned to reduce reflection and maximise solar transmittance to the absorber plate. It is tempered and thicker than others to maximise strength and durability in severe weather conditions like hail storms.

4. Tough Outer Case:
The extremely durable baked polyester outer casing is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. It’s as tough as the outside of your house. The underside is made of polypropylene to prevent the possibility of corrosion through incompatible metal contact between roofing material and casing



In satisfying the most rigid requirements of European markets, where the sun is not as strong , there is simply no better collectors available than Chromagen’s highly efficient solar panels. We offer the most advanced technology and superior design ensuring maximum sun absorption and efficiency that outperforms other collectors. Quality materials and unique manufacturing techniques ensure a durable product that will pay for itself many times over.