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How Much Wind Do I Need?

An ideal wind generator site has an average wind speed of 15 MPH or more. This is not to say that a site with less than a 15 MPH average isn’t a potential site. When one considers the potential output from a generator, even at average speeds of 9 - 10 MPH, wind generators can be more cost effective than solar modules over similar production periods, especially since wind generators can produce over a broader range of time - as in the day or night time.
Wind generators produce varying amounts of power depending on wind speed. They’ll usually begin to spin between 6 - 8 MPH and begin producing useable charging amps beginning at around 10 MPH. Wind speeds of 25 - 30 MPH are required for the generators maximum rated output. So, you may have a breezy 10 MPH wind with short gusts of 15, 20 or 25 throughout the day and/or evening. The charging amps will therefore vary from moment to moment, so we look at averages over a day, week, month and year. Keep in mind that wind speed at the top of a tower is higher than along the ground.
A wind generator must usually have a built-in governing feature where after wind speeds exceed a certain point, the generator will begin to slow itself down, so as not to over-speed and potentially cause damage to the blades or alternator. All of the generators we sell have built-in governing features.
Besides wind speed and having a location for the generator, it’s important to install proper electrical grounding for the tower and unit. It’s also generally recommended that the unit be 20 feet higher than any structure or other item that’s within 100 or so feet of the tower. This is just a rule of thumb, and it depends on exactly what is nearby, production expectations, etc.


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