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A solar pump produces the most water when it is needed the most -- when the weather is sunny and dry!
We specialize in Solar pumps because they are more efficient than AC pumps. Our pumps can operate directly from photovoltaic panels Wind Turbines or from batteries that are kept charged by any combination of DC sources. Most of our pump models can be ordered with optional AC power inputs for situations in which utility, inverter or generator power is available but efficiency is paramount.

Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient, durable and economical pump available for your application.

Solar & Wind pumping is a long-term investment. Most photovoltaic solar modules have a 20-30 year warranty, and a life expectancy beyond 30 years. The Solar pump can also last that long. It will far outlast a cheap AC pool pump because of its high industrial quality and lower rotational speed.

The most economical DC water pumps are surface (non-submersible) pumps. They can reduce pumping energy consumption by half or more, compared to conventional AC pumps.

Surface pumps can pull the water up to 20 feet (suction capacity) and lift or push up to 900 feet. Our pumps have a wide range of application and can provide as little as 0.5 gallons per minute and up to 70 gallons per minute.


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