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specializes in design, service, and installation of complete Renewable Energy Power Systems.

We supply all components necessary for a complete, efficient energy system including:

Power conditioning equipment (voltage stabilizers), monitoring systems, hardware,

energy storage, and conversion devices.

We provide highly reliable power systems integrating photovoltaic solar panels, small and large wind turbines, towers and micro-hydro turbines.

We also offer conventionally fueled technologies for Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural Applications.

Whether you are grid-connected or grid-independent, need uninterrupted power or not,

G.R.E.C. offers custom solutions for all of your energy needs.


Self Sustainable and Eco Homes

GREC can provide you with Architects, Engineers and Builders for the construction of a energy efficient sustainable Home.

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wind power

Facts about Wind

solar energy

Facts about Solar


Facts about Water




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Inverters and Controllers controllers



Solar Panels

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Mono crystalline


Poly crystalline




Hybrid Panels



In one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than what is used by the entire population in one year


AGM Batteries

GEL OPzV Batteries

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The least costly Kilowatt is the one you saved.

When replacing or buying new appliances check for the efficiency of the appliance.

More recently manufactured appliances may consume 50% less power then older models

Domestic solar Hot Water Collectors


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Domestic & Pool Hot water heating

solar water heating





Solar Water Pumping

solar pool pumps




LED Lighting

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